Friday, 26 March 2010

Fantasy BBC Question Time panel

After watching BBC Question Time last night, I thought that I probably won't waste time watching it again - the good editions are few and far between. Which got me thinking about who I would like to see on the panel; I decided that my prerequisites would be experience, wit and wisdom. My final choice, based on that premise: Tony Benn, Ken Clarke, Paddy Ashdown, Ken Livingstone and Betty Boothroyd.

So, who would be on YOUR fantasy BBC Question Time panel?


  1. Here's my long list:

    Tier 1 - Must Have: Doug Stanhope, Malcolm Tucker, Devil's Kitchen.

    Tier 2 - Welcome: Boris, Dan Hannan, David Davis, Rod Liddle, Richard Littlejohn, Ruth Lea, David Starkey.

    Tier 3 - Cringey Crunchy Schadenfreude: Polly Toynbee, Sunny Hundal, George Osborne, Nick Clegg, Caroline Spelman, George Galloway, George Monbiot, Carol Vorderman.

    Tier 4 - Token females: Caroline Flint (GILF)

  2. Dick Griffin, Ken Livingstone, Arthur Scargill, Ian Hislop and.....Yasmin Alibhai-Brown

  3. The QT to end all QT and maybe end the BBC as well!!

    Norman Tebbitt, with or without his bike

    Arthur Scargill, the pathfinder for all of today's politicians leading the way in money grabbing, self serving dishonesty

    Martin McGuiness - at least we know what he is/was

    David Irving - idiot!

    Get them all drunk in the Green Room first and remove the desk so they can get at each other with their fists.

    And the first question for our panel:

    "What is it about the other three members of the panel that you hate the most?"

  4. Katie's selction:

    Anne Widdecombe, Jeremy Clarkson, Diane Abbott, Paddy Ashdown, George Galloway

    Simon's selction

    Norman Tebbit, Richard Littlejohn, Charles Kennedy, Diane Abbott, Lord Nazir Ali (Bishop of Rochester)

    (Katie is my work colleague opposite)

  5. Hmmm Ok Then..Assuming one from each party then
    In Real Life:
    Boris Johnson , don;t need to say why, he is an idiot but funny, sometimes in a hand over mouth OMG way

    Ken Livingston, I heart him and my family gave me my nickname " Red Nick" over my support of him years ago

    Susan Kramer, My MP and she's a nice sensible no nonsense type, good for balance on the panel

    Ian Hislop, wouldmake mincemeat of all of the above

    Ian Rankin ,author token celeb, very intelligent and good on Scottish issues probably

    Proper Fantasy:
    Malcolm Tucker
    Joan Collins
    Dalai Lama

  6. Left to right (literally) :)

    Benn, Foot, Ashdown, Johnson, Mrs T.

    Add 2 from the a la carte menu: Scargill, Hatton, Clarkson, Starkey

    Light blue touch paper and stand well back :o

  7. 6 BBCQT panellists? It's a tough call. You need a mix of firmly held convictions that will argue against each other on topic rather than just scoring cheap party points. After the latest This Week though .. .. ..

    Esther Rantzen and Diane Abbot would be hilarious together. Throw in a dash on Ian Hislop, a smidgen of George Galloway, a bluster of BoJo and maybe Paddy Ashdown just to calm the mix down a little and I think that might be a winner.