Tuesday, 7 October 2014

A modern fairy story.....a sporting analogy

Once upon a time there was a little boy and his Mum and Dad bought a Tonka truck and gave it to him with the words "This is yours to play with for now but when you get older it will be passed to to your little brother, so take care of it".
The years went by....at first the little boy loved the Tonka truck and played with it all the time. But as the years went by he seemed to love it less and spent more and more time with friends who had expensive toys.
Eventually the day came and his Dad went to the boy and said "The time has come to pass the Tonka truck on to your young brother - you're getting older now and we've noticed you prefer to spend more time with your friends, playing with their expensive toys".
A short time later his Dad heard screams and bangs....and found the boy jumping up and down on the Tonka truck in anger, shouting "If I can't have it I'm going to try and break it so my brother can't enjoy it!"
But no-one had told the boy that, however much he tried to destroy it, Tonka trucks are unbreakable.........and therefore he just looked foolish......

Saturday, 24 May 2014

The Kevin Pietersen question - you decide the answer

Both of these are in connection to Kevin Pietersen in the last week. Which one is accurate: a), b) neither or both. You decide.

a)  'We can hear from the man himself exactly what went wrong last winter and how relationships deteriorated so badly.'


b) 'I did, and continue to have a good relationship with most of the England players, which has been subsequently highlighted by a number of press interviews.'


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