Tuesday, 28 July 2015

A cricket Moral Maze

A man signs a contract with an employer for a year, worth £500,000.A quarter of the way through the contract, and on the other side of the world with his family visiting, the man realises he is physically unable to fulfill the contract, to the extent that he will never be able to work in the same occupation again.

Does the man:
A.) Say nothing, knowing that as he has a contract his employer has to continue paying him to the end, an amount of £375,000 that he will not actually earn, and that his employer will have continue to pay for his hotel and travel home.
B.) Tell his employer that he is unable to physically fulfill the contract and that he feels the right, and honourable, thing to do is to mutually terminate the contract immediately.

The man the story is about is Graeme Swann and according to Piers Morgan choosing option A.) would have been the correct thing to do. 

Which tells you all you need to know about Piers Morgan's ethics and morals.....