Thursday, 31 December 2009

So it's 2010.......

I never intended to have a blog but a couple of people, recently, have asked me why I don't; then, totally out of the blue, tonight I was ganged up on by 3 Twitter friends. So, if this blog causes war, flood, or famine it's all your fault guys, take a bow @SteveShark @manwiddicombe and @CharonQC Conversely, if it generates peace, harmony and goodwill, it was MY idea and all my own work...........but it's deeply unlikely that it will. Besides, a bit of controversy is more fun than harmony etc., so I'll know it's OK when it gets totally dissed by @ObotheClown ;)

Finally - I wanted to call this blog 'Trouble in Mind' as in the jazz classic, but it was already taken. I hope to unleash trouble, but in more than mind!


  1. Welcome to Planet Blog!

    Looking forward to lots of articles! :)

  2. Welcome to the blogosphere.

  3. Good luck with new blog. Looks great and it's a great-fun thing to do, in my experience. :)

  4. Your 1st blog post generates 6 comments? 6? It took me months to get my first comment! *sulks*

  5. @manwiddicombe

    Ah, but I had a good class of backer! ;)

    Seriously, I'm delighted, thanks guys! :)

  6. Excellent.... have added to my blogroll.... it will drive you insane in the end..... but a good form if insanity.

  7. @manwiddicombe

    9 comments now...

  8. @steveshark

    This could end up getting very very silly .. .. .. ..


  9. Hello Pam

    Thanks for adding me as a Twitted follower or whatever it is.